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Food products and processors tirelessly work on improving our food: it needs to be tastier, healthier, fresher, and also have a longer shelf life. This demands faster, more efficient, and more sustainable processes with minimal waste. Innovations and increasingly smarter machinery and devices are essential. But also, consider quality assurance, food safety, hygiene, and process optimization.

The Food Tech Event is the trade fair where you discover the latest techniques, innovations, and technological developments for food production and processing.

Over two days, you will be fully updated on six current themes. You'll meet around 100 specialists on the trade show floor with solutions focused on food and beverage for your production or processing environment. All these themes fall under the same slogan: "Technology nourishes the future of the food industry."

  • Machine construction, device construction, and technology for production and processing lines.
  • Food safety and hygiene in production environments.
  • Future Food Factory: digitization and automation.
  • Quality management and control.
  • Energy management and savings in the production environment.
  • Lifelong Learning: knowledge retention and sharing, retraining, development, and addressing shortages.
Food Technology innovaties

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Food Technology 7

Food Tech Event

Register for the kick-off event on October 12th

Under the slogan 'Technology nourishes the future of the food industry,' the Food Tech Event focuses on six central themes. Judith van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Program Manager of the Food Tech Event, explains: "The six themes of this trade fair represent the topics where many companies in the food and beverage industry see technical challenges, and where companies from the high-tech and manufacturing industry can truly assist." On October 12th, Mikrocentrum is organizing a kick-off event in preparation for the Food Tech Event. The kick-off will take place in the auditorium at the Mikrocentrum headquarters in Veldhoven. Register through the button below.

Register here for the kick-off


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